Agroecology is based on the application of basic principles of ecology to the design and management of agricultural systems to achieve long-term sustainability.

The principles of agroecology include 

  • the preservation of natural and agricultural resources: water, capital, energy, soil and genetic varieties; 
  • the use of renewable resources; 
  • minimizing the use of toxic products; 
  • the proper management of biodiversity; 
  • long-term profit maximization; and 
  • direct connections between farmers. 

Agroecology implies a holistic approach, focused not only on production, but also on the sustainability of the production system, respect for the environment and socio-economic aspects.

The Brines farm is in a unique enclave, which is why we have opted for agroecology as a way of coexisting with the ecosystem, creating our own agro-ecosystem where natural flora and fauna always coexist in perfect harmony with fruit trees.

Thus, we make our fields productive while maintaining the health and fertility of the soil and aquifers, promoting the maintenance of the ecosystem, maintaining agricultural traditions, techniques and customs while continuing to use growing methods that respect the environment and respond to the co-evolution between people and their environment.

Through this commitment we want to contribute, to the extent of our possibilities, to the maintenance of a human society in communion with its agro-ecosystem.


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