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Agriculture committed to the environment and sustainability.

A family project with strong ties to our territory. Deeply rooted in our soil, in agriculture and in orange growing.

Our farm gives us organic fruit throughout the season, from the beginning of October when we start with Okitsu mandarins, followed by Navelinas, Navels, sanguinellis, and, finally, Valencias until the end of May. Next year we will also be offering lemons.

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From our farm directly delivered to your home. Shipping in 24 – 48 h.

No waxes, no fungicides, no preservatives

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The origins

The origins Since the late 1940s, our grandfather, Salvador Brines, began his career in the citrus fruit trade in Tavernes de la Valldigna (Valencia). It was a local business model based on traditional and sustainable agriculture. However, new marketing and growing techniques transformed this traditional business into a model for land exploitation and concentration of commercialization. 80 years later, we are returning to the values ​​of our grandfather: respect and love for the land and our products.

The ecological transformation

Over 10 years ago, the Brines family decided to place their stakes on sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture, limiting chemical products in our orange groves by using integrated agricultural techniques. In 2018, Brines began transitioning to a totally organic product on the El Terme estate, convinced as we were that this was the way to obtain healthier fruit for humans and sustainability for the environment, so we initiated procedures to obtain certification from the Committee for Organic Agriculture.

These first years were the hardest, but little by little we are witnessing the results: biodiversity is increasing, insects and birds are thriving on the farm, we have avoided bringing imbalance to the land, we have maintained ground cover and grass, we prune at the right time, and use natural fertilizers and predatory insects for pest control.

We harvest our fruit when it is appropriately mature and deliver it to the customer's home within 24/48 hours from picking, so that you can enjoy its excellent flavour and obtain the maximum benefit from their vitamins and minerals.


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